What are the Benefits to Me?

Pride of place creates a pleasant community. LHDs provide protection for our historic character and keeps the area stable in a fluctuating market. Standards for new construction give builders direction and gives buyers confidence in the longevity of their investment.

Tax incentives from the City of Austin are available to residents wanting to remodel and use part of their budget to restore the exterior, street-scape view of their homes. Income-producing properties in a National Register district also may receive tax abatements for restoration.

Will I be Forced to Restore My House?

No, only homes with Historic Landmark designations are required to maintain their historic appearances in exchange for a tax incentive. If you would like to restore your home, the city will offer homeowners in LHDs a tax incentive for approved work done to the exterior.

Will this Increase My Property Taxes?

No, property taxes are assessed in a way that is unaffected by a historic zoning overlay. Historic Districts stabilize property values in areas that have been inflated by extreme development.

Will I be Limited in Paint Color Choices?

No, colorful Travis Heights or Fairview Park will never restrict your paint choices! You will only need to get a paint color review from the Historic Landmark Commission if you are a designed City of Austin Historic Landmark property.

Can I use Solar Panels and Other Green Living Techniques?

Absolutely! We encourage green building techniques that enhance livability in our older homes. Remember, preservation is the greenest construction approach of all. Sustainability and Green Building is as much of a hot topic in the world of preservation as anywhere else. Solutions abound for any issue you’re wondering about.