Travis Heights / Fairview Park Historic District

We are moving forward with the overall Travis Heights/Fairview Park Historic District Effort by nominating the first district within the neighborhood: Blue Bonnet Hills!

You can view the application materials below:
Blue Bonnet Hills LHD Application and District History (PDF, 11 pages, 1 MB, Oct 22 2014)
Blue Bonnet Hills LHD District Maps and Historic Maps (PDF, 5 pages, 8 MB, Oct 22 2014)
Blue Bonnet Hills LHD Preservation Plan and Design Standards (PDF, 74 pages, 9 MB, Oct 22 2014)

Learn more about the Design Standards

We are a group of neighborhood residents working towards a Local Historic District designation for Travis Heights/Fairview Park. This effort aims to encourage responsible development and improvements that respect the historic and eclectic character of Travis Heights.

Travis Heights’ distinctive eclecticism has been evolving for over 100 years. It is built upon respect for both the unique natural environment and the rich architectural history of the neighborhood. The colorful old houses, decorated yards, winding streets, dramatic hillsides, and the densely wooded trails and creeks all contribute to the neighborhood’s unique character.

The aim of a Local Historic District is not to prevent change, but rather to assure that changes respect the history and eclecticism of the neighborhood. Our historic district’s Design Standards will encourage rehabilitations, additions and new construction in contemporary styles just as much as they will encourage historical restoration and conservation. The Design Standards’ role is to assure that these improvements commit to principles of historic preservation while sustaining and celebrating the unique characteristics the neighborhood.

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