Meeting Wed. June 13, 7 p.m. at Twin Oaks Library

Sallie Day on a horse on Newning Avenue

On horseback, it’s not too far to the library!

We’ll update you on the status of our boundaries and application progress, as well as strategize about fundraising. Please come!!

Also, thank you to Elizabeth Brooks and Carrie Bills, our wonderful neighborhood realtors who donated $1,000 each to the effort. A big thank you to Robin Sanders, who also made a very generous donation. But…we still need about 4 times that to get things done in time for our November deadline for applying for our National Register listing.

We still desperately need a volunteer to help with grant applications–there is money out there but we need help to access it. The Heritage Society of Austin is offering us these resources but we can’t take advantage of them without you, whoever-you-are-grantwriter! Please, please, volunteer.

If you are still asking yourself, “But what can I do?” The first answer is Donate. It’s so easy online:

Thank you!–Melanie Martinez

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