About Us

To commemorate and preserve our historic heritage, we are seeking designation as a National Register Historic District and creating Local Historic Districts within those boundaries. We look forward to the day our history and role in Austin’s development is fully recognized by the City of Austin and the State of Texas.

We are a group of neighborhood residents who have been working toward this NRHD designation for more than 10 years. On May 10, the city council approved designation of the Mary Street Local Historic District within our boundaries and we are hoping to create many more of these smaller LHDs in Travis Heights. If you would like to be a block caption or see support near you, please contact us and we will help you along in the process.

Travis Heights-Fairview Park Historic District effort is supported by a group of dedicated neighborhood volunteers as well as a team of professional preservation consultants. Over the years we have worked with Terri Myers, Casey Gallagher, Emily Reed, and Julie Yost. Each hold Master’s degrees in Historic Preservation and have organized our survey and its results and are preparing a comprehensive historic narrative for the neighborhood. Josh Conrad holds Masters’ degrees in Historic Preservation and Architecture and led the development of the Design Standards for the Local Historic District effort, as well as serving as webmaster. Neighborhood volunteers Melanie Martinez who started this effort several years ago is the current coordinator, with help from many other residents throughout the years, including Angela Reed, Michele Webre, Ian Reddy and Bob Gee who compose the current South River City Citizens’ Historic Committee. Volunteer Julia Morgan (head of the Design Standards Committee) has also worked with the consultants and other volunteers in these efforts.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to help.