Our Effort So Far

We are moving forward with the overall Travis Heights/Fairview Park Historic District Effort by nominating the first district within the neighborhood: Blue Bonnet Hills!

You can view the application materials below:
Blue Bonnet Hills LHD Application and District History (PDF, 11 pages, 1 MB, Oct 22 2014)
Blue Bonnet Hills LHD District Maps and Historic Maps (PDF, 5 pages, 8 MB, Oct 22 2014)
Blue Bonnet Hills LHD Preservation Plan and Design Standards (PDF, 74 pages, 9 MB, Oct 22 2014)

Learn more about the Design Standards

The Travis Heights-Fairview Park Historic District project is a volunteer effort by neighbors within the proposed district in collaboration with a preservation consulting team. We are working to create a Local Historic District and a National Register Historic District for the area roughly bounded by Riverside Drive, Kenwood Avenue, Live Oak Street and the residential back-side of South Congress Avenue. The following map shows the proposed district boundaries, however, the boundaries are subject to change before we submit the designation application.

We’ve completed the survey of the area, concluding with approximately 1,200 properties with around 870 (72%) contributing to a potential local historic district. As a comparison, the Hyde Park local historic district effort surveyed about 670 properties and listed about 485 (also 72%) of them as contributing.

testThe Austin Historical Survey Wiki (http://beta.austinhistoricalsurvey.org) showing places surveyed for the Travis Heights/Fairview Park Local Historic District effort.

We have been working with the Austin Historical Survey Wiki to upload our survey data for public dissemination and contribution. The Austin Historical Survey Wiki is a new interactive tool currently under development for the City of Austin. The Wiki allows you to find and contribute information about historic buildings, sites, and landscapes of the past and present that tell the history of Austin. The Wiki is a living survey database where information from previous historical surveys can be accessed and new information can be contributed by Wiki users. We encourage residents to create an account with the wiki and add information about places they know.